Zagreb University, Akademija dramske umjetnosti / Academy of Drama Art, Department of Film Editing, Zagreb, HR

1973 - 1977 studing film editing by Radojka Tanhofer, film theory by Branko Belan, film history by Ante Peterlic, visual culture by Radovan Ivancevic,

In the frame of studies produced 16 mm films as film director "Kradja", "Samoubojstvo", "Ispod mosta", "Balet", "Prostor-zivotopis"

1978 - 1993 teaching film and video editing (History in Images: formenr teachers and Movie: Academy meeting 1982)

1980 - 1990 organizing lectures and screenings of experimental films and video art: Wanessa Boris, Regina Cornwell, David Curtis, Heiko Daxl, Ivan Ladislav Galeta, Malcolm Le Grice, David Larcher, Ingo Petzke, Günther Pflaum, William Raban, Ursula Wevers, Jeremy Welsh, Peter Wollen

1990-1995 "Architectural form and Light" project founded by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Technology and Informatics to develop multimedia environment for the new models of education