University of Applied Sciences (Hochscule für Technik und Wirtschaft), Wirtschafts kommunikation (WIKO) Berlin, D

Since 1997 teaching AV Media, Multimedia Technik und Gestaltung (more...), since 2016 Medienfassaden Projekte (more...)

Each Semester students produce videos, interactive DVDs and internet projectsFrom 1997 till 2009 there are more than 600 projects realised and stored in the archive of AV Labor, runn by labor ingenieur Urlich Schwarz.

On the end of each semester, there is a final presentation of students productions called WIKONALE (abreviation of the name of the department "Wirtschafts Kommunikation")

On 19th of February 2008 student Michael Stangl with a help of some other students have organized a retrospective of 10 years of WIKONALE. The programm was shown in "Geburtstags Club" in Berlin